If your Sim wants to gamble video games, then gamer characteristic is for him or her

If your Sim wants to gamble video games, then gamer characteristic is for him or her

Sims into the gamer characteristic should be able to get good moodlet boost by to experience video games, as well as in doing this, gamer Sims learn the playing skills quicker.


In case your Sim is scared of bacterium, up coming they will be less likely to want to become ill, just in case other Sim has been ill around him or her, following they will datingranking.net/es/citas-de-fitness/ be able to cleaning following the affect shorter than people. Might and additionally sporadically get an extra moodlet increase for being mindful about what they touching.


If the Sim wants to get ready, up coming this feature can be useful as they becomes special moodlet increases away from food good dining. They are going to additionally be in a position to get a hold of the brand new treatments and you will learn preparing experiences quicker, and also to make smarter members of the family with people who possess this trait.

Green Thumb

When your Sim loves to garden, after that which feature might be a highly useful one to. They’re going to score special moodlet speeds up when they are taking care of vegetation, and if he’s got new farming skill unlocked, then they normally bush specific flowers that earn him or her cash on a regular basis.

Electric guitar Legend

In the event your Sim possess a guitar, then they could possibly learn the keyboards experience smaller with that it attribute and you will doing their instrument. But not, it will take some habit go out before you open the newest incentives from this one to.


This characteristic will provide their Sim a stronger hate on certain procedures and you can Sims, but if you keeps some other Sim with this specific attribute within their home, then they might get some kind of special bonuses such even more friendship affairs. After all, misery enjoys business!

Healthy lifestyle

In case the Sim is within the practice of food vegetables, workouts, and you may attaining a good fitness level, then they will be able to get special moodlet speeds up insurance firms this feature. They’re going to have most useful dating with others exactly who share their fit outlook on life.


Heartbreaker ‘s the queen (or king) of the latest emotional characteristics. If you’d like your Sim to attraction anyone else then again break them psychologically and you will spiritually, following favor so it feature. Just what better method to get what you need than simply with one to unique anything (otherwise somebody) fall head over heels to you personally?


Whether your Sims usually rating stressed out more quickly than anybody else, then so it feature is a helpful you to definitely since it usually give you a young caution when they about to enjoys a great crisis over one thing. They will certainly additionally be in a position to learn reason feel quicker, and their conversation enjoy would be top as well.

Hipster Personality

In the event the Sim loves to end up being trendy, next which trait will assist him or her stay in that way due to the fact it will provide them with special moodlet increases having visiting the club and purchasing popular activities. They’ll buy a better reaction from Sims outside its domestic if they have that it characteristic.

This attribute also leave you a different sort of, independent “Hipster-only” discussion solution whenever conversing with almost every other Sims. Whether your Sim has that it attribute, chances are they may rating special moodlet speeds up out of sipping java and you can paying attention to musical on plastic material information.


If the Sim likes to manage cleaning, following they are going to rating another moodlet increase once they brush otherwise beautify every day. They’ll additionally be top at the making friends and you may building relationship which have most other Sims. They generate high moms and dads, also!


In the event your Sim loves to establish poetry otherwise make paintings, after that they are going to score a separate moodlet improve from such as for instance actions. They and additionally produce its invention skills less, and they will earn more income when promoting the productions.

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